Old Permic vocabulary drill

This is a simple multiple-choice quiz drawing on V. I. Lytkin, Древнепермский язык (Moscow 1952). A small percentage of the vocabulary comes from I. I. Lepyokhin’s Zyrian word-list, which Lytkin reproduces in an appendix and which is a little later than the Old Permic period: the English translations of these words are marked with an asterisk.

The Cyrillic spelling of Permic words here follows Lytkin exactly; if you prefer, you can switch between the Cyrillic, Roman, and Permic (Stephanic) scripts using the buttons at the foot of the screen. Notice that the Anbur versions are generated mechanically from Lytkin’s phonemic orthography, and may not always coincide exactly with the spellings of the manuscripts (assuming a given word is even attested in the Permic script). The English definitions are mostly adapted from Lytkin’s Russian and Church Slavonic glosses.

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      Edmund Griffiths, December 2017
      (version 2.0, November 2021)

And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit, and began to speak in other languages