Edmund Griffiths  

E d m u n d   G r i f f i t h s

Classical Marxism—Dark Ages Marxism—Renaissance Marxism

They say Petrarch once held a copy of the Iliad in his hands and wept because he couldn’t understand it. Who now sheds tears over Anti-Dühring?

Machiavelli used to put on his finest robes whenever he had an opportunity for a few hours studying the classics. Why doesn’t the Eighteenth Brumaire deserve our Sunday best?

Joachim du Bellay searched for Rome in Rome, and didn’t find the Rome he was looking for. Why aren’t we even looking in Erfurt?

The Byzantine Empire was snuffed out years ago. We have all the manuscripts. Where is our Humanism?

The doctrines of the Schools have become incomprehensible. No more bad Latin!

Virgil was never a magician. Give us Capital back!

It’s a great thing to be Monteverdi—but the only way to do it is by deciding to be Euripides.